Professional Attitude at all Altitudes.

Horse Transportation

With over 3 decades of logistics experience and immense passion of horses, I took every opportunity to enjoy and serve our customers to achieve optimum out of my contacts, experience and passion.

From identifying horse to buy, meeting sellers, participating auctions/show, buying on behalf of overseas customer, training horses, breeding till transporting to overseas I have been personally taking care.

Providing safe and dependable equine shipping we will ensure a safer and less stressful trip for your horse


  • Horse Taxi

  • Pre-export isolation and quarantine services

  • Will arrangle blood tests & health certificates as per country of import

  • Proper feed, good quality haw, wxcersice while under our care

  • Health certificate preparation and veterinarian supervision

  • Export applications for all horse breeds. Will make sure all requirements for export registration are completed

  • Airfreight and all other required services with direct negotiation with airlines

Kentucky Horse

Mare purchased in Kentucky, trained and exported

Horse shipped to Saudi Arabia

Kholtan Purchased and shipped to Saudi Arabia